Figuring Out Your Genre

Deep down every new writer knows what genre his or her works and ideas belong to, even though lines between the genres can be pretty vague. But figuring out your genre is very important as it will help you understand your audience, you should know exactly who you are writing for: teenagers, children, 40/50 year-old adults, people with or without higher education, women or men and etc. Your book has to belong to a certain section to be noticed. If you pick a wrong category or a wrong publisher – no matter how great your book is, it won’t be noticed. So, let’s review the main genres, shall we?
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History of Sangria

Sangria is closely connected with Spain as beer with Germany and tequila with Mexico. In the ancient times the people used to dilute wine with water. The plain people took wine to the wineries and added water to is to prevent the ebriety. During the rest they drank this delicious beverage and ate fruit. This may sound as the depiction of a luxurious and careless life but wine and fruit were the only products the average peasants could afford. Well every country has its own type of poverty. The noble people used to drink wine during their splendid meals to arouse appetite. They diluted it with fruit juice and berry mousse to make the taste of wine richer and decrease the concentration of alcohol. The real Spanish sangria is called tinto de verano. The spice red, sour green, sweet white and rose wines harmonize with the delicious fruit pieces and aromatic herbs.

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Preparing sushi maki

Japanese cuisine is supposed to be one of the most delicious, healthy and..trendy cuisine of the last several decades. Indeed some traditionally Japanese meals are extremely tasty. If you want to try to cook something yourself you would be really surprised to find out that it would not take much time and effort to cook some meals. Let’s start from sushi maki. It would be easy and quick. And of course it turns out to be quite cheap.

To prepare sushi maki you need 250g sushi rice, 340g tuna, 5 nori sushi sheets, 1 cucumber, 3 tsp wasabi paste. And of course do not forget about soy sauce and also about pickled ginger to serve your meal.

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Pink vs. Blue.

Korean photographer JeongMee Yoon is famous for his The Pink & Blue Project started in 2005. The main idea of the project concerns the issues of trends and preferences of children and their parents. Yoon takes pictures of children who are obsessed with pink and blue stuff. The project was initiated by Yoon’s daughter who in fact wants to wear pink dresses only. Moreover she is obsessed with pink toys as well. But it turned out that not only Yoon’s daughter had such an obsession. Many children all around the world prefer pink and blue color to others. In fact it doesn’t matter to what community or ethnic group a kid belongs to. This trend is widespread and common for many countries. Why so? Probably it is an influence of advertisements, or pop culture. As the rule children watch the same cartoons and movies, they read the same fairy tales all around the world. Barbies, Hello Kitties, Harry Potter and other cultural artifacts are common and well known to many children regardless their nationalities.

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Best Recipe of the World’s Cuisine

It is impossible to visit all places in the world during the lifetime, but there are means which can help you to feel the atmosphere of different countries or even taste it. If you cook a dish according to a national recipe of some country it will carry to the whole new universe of delicious sensations. Here is my favorite recipe of the world’s cuisine Hungarian goulash with pepper.

To prepare the Hungarian national meat dish you will need:

– 400 gr. of beef

– Two onions

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Writer’s Education: Free or Academic?

There are many arguments concerning the question what education a writer is supposed to have. The ones suppose that the classic education is necessary by all means and the writer should get all his knowledge and professional skills having studied the piles of books The other ones suppose that there is nothing better than the personal experience and the individual usage of the information products would make the process of education much more effective.

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Best Postures for Wedding Photos

Wedding day is the event you will want to remember for the rest of your life. Besides, you two are stunningly beautiful on this special day as your eyes are shining with happiness and as you spent a few previous days in different beauty salons. Wedding photos are meant to capture the moments of ultimate happiness and beauty so all of us want them to be perfect. If you know the best postures for making ideal wedding photos you have better chances to cry with joy and tender emotions while watching them.

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