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Diagnosed With Mental Disorder: How to Keep On Living

A person who suffers from any type of mental disorder finds it difficult to communicate with the colleagues and friends. And the reason for that oppressive feeling of loneliness is not the severe depressions, annoying voices in the head or frightening illusions and hallucinations.



Urban Photography – Revealing the Character of Megalopolises

The culture of big city promotes the development of new types of art which decorate concrete jungles. Each megalopolis has its own unique character which can be best revealed through the art of urban photographer. There are no strict rules of what you should picture; it may be some building, city personage or some minor detail of urban landscape. It is essential to feel the pulse of the city and reflect it in your works.

You can get inspired by the works of the most famous urban photographers. Personally I like the photos of Keegan Gibbs who is most interested in shooting graffiti artists at work. Martha Cooper and her “Subway Art” book are also worth mentioning. Her works became a real discovery in the sphere of subway representation. I recommend also to have a look at the works of Norman Behrendt (his recent project is called “Burning down the House”), Jonas Lara, Edward Nightingale, who focuses mainly on train and subway graffiti, Ian Cox and Alex Fakso.


‘Steve Jobs’ by Walter Isaacson

The book “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson contains the documented conversations of Steve Jobs with his relative, colleagues, friends, enemies and counterparts. That’ s why this books completely reveals the personality and nature of Steve Jobs and allows the readers to have an in-depth view of his relationships with the other people. The author of the book provides the readers the opportunity to understand the reasons for the ambiguous attitude of the society to this great person themselves as there are no personal conclusions or remarks made by Walter Isaacson.