‘Steve Jobs’ by Walter Isaacson

The book “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson contains the documented conversations of Steve Jobs with his relative, colleagues, friends, enemies and counterparts. That’ s why this books completely reveals the personality and nature of Steve Jobs and allows the readers to have an in-depth view of his relationships with the other people. The author of the book provides the readers the opportunity to understand the reasons for the ambiguous attitude of the society to this great person themselves as there are no personal conclusions or remarks made by Walter Isaacson.

According to the statement of Walter Isaacson Steve Jobs didn’t make any attempts to control the content of this book or supervise the writing process. The single wish of him was to make the book providing as many details as possible for the future readers, and especially the children of Steve Jobs to understand and accept him the way he was with all his life mistakes and fallacies. The author of the book tries to depict trustfully all the feelings and emotional experiences of the main character when he made his way through misfortunes and overwhelming success in both professional and private life. Walter Isaacson managed to present Steve Jobs not only as the talented and skillful businessman but also as the willful and powerful person who remained true to his moral principles during his whole life. This is a story of a man who was able to anticipate the needs of the humankind, combine the high technology with creativity and shoot the next day ahead. All these personal features helped Steve Jobs to reach his success.

Having read this book one becomes aware of the perplexity and ambiguity of Steve Job’s personality. The memoirs of his colleagues show that he was hot-brained and could insult the people sometimes. But it would be fair to notice that Steve Jobs was extremely demanding and even pitiless towards himself. Walter Isaacson underlines in his book that Jobs was constantly restricting himself and followed his principle “modesty provides pleasure”. Many of the people who gave an interview to Walter Isaacson said that their boss used to neglect their interests and humiliate their dignity. This ambiguous personality of the main character makes the reader search for the implicit reason for that odd behavior. While reading one page the reader may blame Steve Jobs and after turning it over switch to advocating him.

Nevertheless there are no signs of estimation in this book. Walter Isaacson has managed to depict one of the greatest people of our epoch absolutely neutrally. The plot resembles a mosaic looking at which each reader sees what he wants to see.

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