Diagnosed With Mental Disorder: How to Keep On Living

A person who suffers from any type of mental disorder finds it difficult to communicate with the colleagues and friends. And the reason for that oppressive feeling of loneliness is not the severe depressions, annoying voices in the head or frightening illusions and hallucinations.

One of the main negative factors of the mental disorder is the misunderstanding and the intolerant attitude of the other people. One should assume that the mind of the society is full or stereotypes and prejudices concerning the mentally challenged people and the ones suffering from the mental disorders. Generally the successful people consider the ones with mental disorders to be losers. The society usually supposes that the mentally challenged people are a mere burden for the whole humankind. Such attitude to the people who suffer from mental disorders is based upon the fact that the average healthy people are often afraid to find themselves in their shoes. It is possible that the dissatisfaction with life unites both healthy and mentally ill. If a person has a single episode of a depression or psychosis state he won’t red rid of the label “loonie” during the rest part of his life. So what to do in order to improve the living if you have found yourself in that uneasy situation. The first and probably the main thing is not to speak up about your rehabilitation. The wide-spread stereotype presupposes that the difference between a quiet loonie and a raving one is the fact that the last requires a rehab. An average healthy person usually thinks in the following way. “If my neighbor needs medication and special treatment his things appear to hit a wall. Try not to give a detailed description of your rehabilitation procedures. But if you meet an annoying interlocutor report something vague about age or blood vessels. That usually works.

Another good way to avoid misunderstanding is to find a significant reason for your disorder. If an acquaintance of you finds out that you suffer from a mental disorder you may explain the physiological mechanisms. Generally they don’t differ much from the ones causing diabetes or kidney failure. You may also add that many talented people were suffering from similar illnesses. Maybe your friend would be proud that he communicates with the one who has the same disease as Napoleon did.

Develop your creative skills. Find a new hobby. Try to master some interesting activity for example playing the guitar to make your friends feel interested in you new lifestyle.

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