Literature: Oeuvre or Money?

When my friends and acquaintances ask me about my attitude to free-lance job of a copywriter I always answer that I’m glad that such thing as free-lance exists. The sphere of free-lance provides the possibility to find the orders to write novels, essays and reviews. The writers also fulfill the tasks connected with creating web site content, stories and red-pencil books.

In my personal opinion and creative process bound with literature should be divided into the two categories. I may write for pleasure. Writing for pleasure is my hobby as I will always make up stories and analyze the novels to distract myself from the daily routine. And well, writing for money. I suppose writing for money to be my job, but not a hobby. However that isn’t worse than compiling horoscopes, writing articles for tabloids or the advertising materials about the multiple glaze units. My job is even more interesting than that staff.

The main thing is to be hones and not to call all these texts literature. The ones who write for money have nothing to be blamed for. They earn for their living and have the right to create whatever they want in any amounts. Commercial literature or flow literature are the best variant for the people who are able to create a good text but prefer to work in a quiet homely atmosphere.

That doesn’t necessary men that these texts are being created without any involvements or pleasure. The quality text should be written with pleasure. If an author is really worried by the problem that he is describing the text won’t leave the readers indifferent.

What goes for creativity is the fact that various genres and types of editions may contain either lesser or larger part of it. For example the glossy magazines are likely to contain up to 90 % of cliches in their columns. In the non-fiction historical book the level of creativity will allow to call it a totally original work, even in the case if the topic has been ordered.

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