How to live with a splenetic

Hypochondria is the pathological concern about one’s health. The splenetic (person having hypochondria) constantly monitors his own state trying to define the disease or diseases which he is sure he has. He is in constant web search of the proof for his false symptoms and nothing can persuade him that he is all right.

As far as you can understand it is very difficult to live along with such a person. If you don’t admit him being seriously ill you become the number one enemy. But there are some tips that can help you be more comfortable about it and together with that they can probably be helpful for the splenetic himself.

1). First of all you’ll have to listen to him telling you awful stories about awful diseases. This is inevitable. But don’t pay to it attention more than 30 minutes a time. This is quite enough for him to tell the core of the problem and for you to stay calm.

2). If it’s possible try to express your own feelings and tell about your state more often. Say phrases like “I have some pain in my rm, that must be because of the inconvenient posture”. Then do some exercise and stress that everything is alright after it.

3). Try to distract the splenetic’s attention from being too deep in his health. Go to the cinema, visit the exhibition or get him involved into the hiking tour with the obligatory discussion of the impressions he gets.

4). Don’t try to persuade him in is being not right. First of all it’s in vain, you will never be accepted as a knowing person. As a rule splenetics know much more than you about all the health troubles and you are just not well informed, that’s why your arguments are automatically invalid for him.

5). In the family with a gloom as a member you should not create the atmosphere of the hospital, but you shouldn’t as well laugh at the sick person. This can make the splenetic feel even more unstable and lonely and induce him to search for more and more health problems.

Doctors say that though it’s very difficult to live with the hypochondriac and not all of us are ready to admit such a situation. But the most powerful remedy for you yourself is humor. Just try to be more humorous about the absurdity of your life and you will be better. Don’t know if it works but the idea seems to be valuable!

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