Why Do People Eat Junk Food

To make it clear what contain the ready-made products one shouldn’t rely on his taste organs only. Junk food may only seem to be that tasty. But this however concerns not only the junk and fast food but bread, main courses, soups and desserts as well. The food producers don’t hesitate to use various artificial adds to support the stable demand. The amount of fats and carbohydrates defines the taste of food that’s why greasy hamburger and sweet sugary doughnut seem so delicious.

The family who feeds the children with healthy food a quite a rare phenomenon today. The vast amount of children keeps ruining their health eating crisps, chocolate bars, sugary biscuits and drinking colored fizzy drinks. And what child would refuse to eat in McDonald’s and pick up a bag of french fries to eat it at home?

But what is particularly dangerous thing that junk food contain? The nutritionists from Stockholm University have carried out the research the results of which show that frying of the food containing high level of carbohydrates makes the last transform into the substance called acrylamide. Acrylamide is an extremely strong carcinogenic agent. That’s why potato crisps and french fries are claimed to be the most dangerous products. Acrylamide affects the structure of human genes and that is the reason of it causing the malign tumors development.

The real disaster of the present days is the usage of artificial taste boosters. They are added in nearly all the products that the people consume. They are not simple spice but they synthetic substances that create the illusion of taste. For example the beef that is used in making hamburgers is soaked with the liquid possessing the smell of wood smoke. In that way the producer makes us suppose this beef to be warmed in an open fire but mot in the microwave.

The monosodium glutamate is the obligatory ingredient of almost all the products that can be purchased in a food store. But a few people now that the regular consumption of the taste boosting agent causes the damage of retina. The monosodium glutamate is the most wide-spread accessory food substance used in everything from fish to chocolate.

It can refresh the taste of long-standing food and endow it with a nice smell. Generally people keep consuming junk food not because they don’t know anything about its harm but because their taste receptors need more and more excitation.

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