Best Postures for Wedding Photos

Wedding day is the event you will want to remember for the rest of your life. Besides, you two are stunningly beautiful on this special day as your eyes are shining with happiness and as you spent a few previous days in different beauty salons. Wedding photos are meant to capture the moments of ultimate happiness and beauty so all of us want them to be perfect. If you know the best postures for making ideal wedding photos you have better chances to cry with joy and tender emotions while watching them.

For example, a veil is an excellent accessorize for taking close photos of the bride. It is better to use manual focus to concentrate on the eyes, or the focus will shift to the texture of the veil.

Another good opportunity to take a photo is the moment when the just married sit into the wedding car. Of course, no wedding photo report can be made without capturing of the romantic and passionate kiss. Try to catch the face expressions of both bride and bride groom, including their eyes, otherwise the photo may be boring as it is the glitter of love in the eyes of the couple which makes it unique.

When the groom hugs the bride from the behind she looks touching and fragile in his strong arms, so you are bound to imprint this moment of tenderness with your camera. Another option to single out the man’s strength and reliability is to make him carry the bride in his arms. Again, pay attention to their faces – both of them should be clearly visible on the photo. Shooting the couple from the behind will also provide you with good romantic pictures.

Another variation on the kiss theme is staging a famous Hollywood kiss when the man throws the bride back on his knee and bends down to kiss her. While staging this posture, make sure that the dress is beautifully spread instead of being stuck between the groom’s legs.

A traditional, though nevertheless successful bride’s posture is her sitting on the ground or some low chair with her dress carefully stretched around her. Shoot from the above and ask the bride to look a bit upwards to make a perfect portrait photo.

All in all, you can approach with any creative ideas which will coincide with the mood of the couple and the atmosphere of the celebration.

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