Writer’s Education: Free or Academic?

There are many arguments concerning the question what education a writer is supposed to have. The ones suppose that the classic education is necessary by all means and the writer should get all his knowledge and professional skills having studied the piles of books The other ones suppose that there is nothing better than the personal experience and the individual usage of the information products would make the process of education much more effective.

When the one hears the phrase “academic style” he imagines the strict professor who makes hist students carry out enormous tasks and sit the endless tests. From the one hand all the advantages of the academic education can be easily seen. The clear presentation of all the necessary information, a lot of theory, the access of the necessary materials. Of course that it is the best variant for the beginners. But some time later the disadvantages become explicit as well.

  • The risk to fall asleep in front of the desk with the “interesting and captivating” textbooks.
  • The lack of practical examples. Alas the theory followers may serve as the poor example actually. They are not aware of the peculiar usage of the practical skills.
  • Oppressing bureaucracy. The official texts won’t develop your ability to master the words and sentences.

The free individual way to get the proper skills is characterized by a lot of explicit advantages.

  • The high-quality information products are created based on the personal experience. That means that all of them work.
  • The flexible education won’t let you fall asleep with boredom. The theory is supplemented with the vivid examples, some of which are often quite funny.
  • The information is presented in the proper way in order to provide the possibility to memorize it fast.

But the difficulties are the lack of really important information and the problem to find a good coach.

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