Best Recipe of the World’s Cuisine

It is impossible to visit all places in the world during the lifetime, but there are means which can help you to feel the atmosphere of different countries or even taste it. If you cook a dish according to a national recipe of some country it will carry to the whole new universe of delicious sensations. Here is my favorite recipe of the world’s cuisine Hungarian goulash with pepper.

To prepare the Hungarian national meat dish you will need:

– 400 gr. of beef

– Two onions

– Three cloves of garlic

– two spoons of oil

– two spoons of tomato paste

– 200 gr. of dry red wine (yes, Hungarians know how to cook)

– one liter of broth

– one bay leaf

– one pinch of grinded lemon zest

– one tea spoon of cumin

– 150 gr. of sour cream

– salt, pepper, paprika and marjoram

Wash the meat, dry it and cut it in cubes 2 cm. in size. Chop onions and garlic.

Heat the oil in the stew-pot and fry the meat in it for two minutes from both sides while stirring constantly. Add chopped onion and garlic and fry it all for another three minutes. Add tomato paste, then pour wine and broth in the stewpot as well. Add bay leaf, lemon zest, cumin, marjoram, salt and black pepper. Cover the stewpot and stew the mass on low fire.

Spice your dish with paprika and lay it out on the plates. Add some sour cream to every portion and spread some more black pepper on its top.

If you have spare time, that is, one and a half hour, I recommend spending it on cooking this goulash. I think you’ve already guessed how tasty it is, but still its grandeur will catch you and your friends by surprise.

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