Preparing sushi maki

Japanese cuisine is supposed to be one of the most delicious, healthy and..trendy cuisine of the last several decades. Indeed some traditionally Japanese meals are extremely tasty. If you want to try to cook something yourself you would be really surprised to find out that it would not take much time and effort to cook some meals. Let’s start from sushi maki. It would be easy and quick. And of course it turns out to be quite cheap.

To prepare sushi maki you need 250g sushi rice, 340g tuna, 5 nori sushi sheets, 1 cucumber, 3 tsp wasabi paste. And of course do not forget about soy sauce and also about pickled ginger to serve your meal.

Rinse the rice carefully under cold water. Pour for this amount of rice about 1 pint of water. Do not boil the rice for too long. You need to bring the rice to the boil and then simmer it for about 20 minutes. The water must be absorbed. After removing a pan from the heat you need to stand it for some 10 minutes to cool the rice down. In fact you need to get the rice of room temperature.

Take a Japanese bamboo sushi mat and put a nori sushi sheet on it. Put the rice over ¾ of the sheet. Rice layer should not be too thick. Then you need to spread tuna cut into thin strips. Then spread the cucumber. You should cut cucumber into long thin stripes as well. The most important part of your preparation refers to rolling up the mat. Do not hurry. Roll it up slowly and carefully. Press the mat while rolling it up. You may place the roll in a cool place except the fridge. Otherwise the rice would be dried out. When you are ready to serve it then cut the roll into several pieces. Add pickled ginger and soy sauce to your sushi. Bon appetite!



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